Another Rejection? Be a Goddamned Hydra.


I got another rejection today. A rather nice one, actually, as the editorial staff member took time to explain what they liked in my story and why they wouldn’t be using it. That’s a rare thing and appreciated, honestly, almost as much as an acceptance.

But only almost.

So after going to the snack table and getting myself a chocolate chip cookie, I sent out another two submissions to different places. And if I get another rejection today (oh god, two in a day, that’s tough), I’ll send out another two.

And that’s my quick little tip for today, dear writers: when you get a rejection, no matter how painful it seems at the time, you just Hydra the hell up and send out two more submissions. Sure, that editor just cut off your head: now show them that you’ve got two more to replace that one.

One of the tricks of getting acceptances (other than writing well and a good healthy heap of good timing) is always sending out submissions. And another trick I learned is that you can pretty much make sure you’re sending out submissions by always sending out at least two after every rejection. In this way you keep you head up (because I know you want to pout. Knock that off) and you are creating a habit of submitting, too. It makes those rejections serve a purpose outside of justifying all that ice cream eating.

If you can manage to keep this up, you’ll never find yourself with a Submittable full of “declined” stories and lacking in “received” ones. Trust me on this: be a goddamned hydra of the writing world.


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