Published Work



How to Become a Perfect Living Statue – Five Quarterly (Issue #2)
When the Ground Shakes Above You – Apeiron Review (Issue#2)
Ways to Identify and Prevent Ghosts – Nib Magazine (Issue #3)
A View of the Moon From the Moon – Structo Magazine (Issue #10) (Nominated for Pushcart Prize 2014)
The Long Waiting Noise – Cease, Cows (June 14th, 2013) (Nominated for Best of the Net 2013)
Her Father’s Coat – Fat City Review (September 2013)
The Breaking of Salt – Literary Orphans (October 2013)
What Eric Found in the Basement – Cease, Cows (October 2013)
Break – Gravel Magazine (November 2013)
A Prayer for Boys Who Can’t Run Fast – WhiskeyPaper (November 17th 2013)
In the Orchard, In the Field – Pea River Journal (Fall 2013 Issue) (Nominated for Pushcart Prize 2014) (Nominated for best of the Net, 2014)


The Mannerisms of a Broken Fork – The Story Shack (January 2nd, 2014)
After the Mountain – Little Fiction (February 2014) (Little Fiction’s Top 10 most read, 2014)
The Pill Becomes God – Pithead Chapel (Volume 3, Issue #4)
Loneliness Can Be a Forest – Sundog Lit (Issue 6)
All the Roads and Trees of Pennsylvania – Cheat River Review, (Issue #3)
We Get To Where We Are Going – Wyvern Lit (Issue #3) (Nominated for Pushcart Prize 2015)
The Trick of It – Bare Fiction Magazine,(Issue 4)
Slim Notion of a Smile – Cactus Heart Press (Issue #10)


What The Doctor Doesn’t Tell You – Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal (Issue #6) (Nominated for Best of the Net 2015)
Other Languages – A River and Sound Review (Issue #11)
The List of Impossible Things – Atticus Review (Enchanted Issue)
So I Learn to Walk Like Fear – Duende Literary (Issue #2) (Nominated for Pushcart Prize 2016)
How They Came To Be Here, So Still – Luna Luna Mag
A Pigeon – Cheap Pop
The Speed at Which You Fall – Black Denim Lit
So I Learn to Walk Like Fear – Hypertrophic Lit (Fall 2015)
The Hermit of Wilson Cave – Sequestrum (Fall 2015)
My Mother is a Ghost on the Keystone Line – NANO Fiction (Forthcoming)


The Decline of Pigeons by Janice Deal – Necessary Fiction
Beasts and Men by Curtis Smith – Necessary Fiction

Other Events:

Winner: Lancaster Story Slam